CORPORATE BACKGROUND Eureka Pools Sdn Bhd, your especial swimming pool specialist in Malaysia

Established since 1980, Eureka Pools Sdn Bhd (184420-A) has always felt strongly that caring is our upmost value so that we can deliver and bring change to our clients’ water leisure. We have put our primary dedication in building magnificent swimming pools so that you can take your leisure time into a perfect serene rest.

Before Eureka Pools’ inception, our company director, Wong Teck Mee, was already a big lover in water leisure. Together with his son, Jason Wong, they have grown their love for water even deeper. What brought them into the swimming pool industry was an inspirational gift from the Mother Nature. They visited a beautiful waterfall landscape for an urban escape vacation. Amidst of birds’ chirpings and trees’ rustlings, they realized that the natural water in the spring waterfall felt so different from the recreational swimming pool in their residence. The icy clear water that leaved absolutely no residue on their body unlike chlorine mugginess stained on their skin when swimming at home. Thus, it made them put the effort to do some basic research. Soon, they found out that most swimming pools water have always been sanitized by many chemical treatments in which some are very harmful to the environmental and also to the human body. With the burning passion in them to resolve chemically contaminated water in the swimming pools, they studied about water quality and researched on how to bring apical water quality into everyone’s water leisure—at the same time being able to protect the nature.

Through this driven passion, it gave them a huge determination to venture into the industry. Now, Eureka Pools selectively source only from the most innovative technology who are environmental friendly equipment when constructing a swimming pool. We believe in environmental degradation is a serious issue in the world and we put our heart and soul in healing the world by building eco-friendly swimming pools even at the expense of our resources occasionally. We hope to change the pool industry by cutting down chlorine profusion in the swimming water. With that in mind, the combination of equipment such as Copper Silver Ionisers and Ozonator System will create a total chlorine-free system to the pools. This system is our esteemed products leaded system and we believe our system stand out in the industry because it is a system that truly cares about your health, environment and the generation to come.

We are also a company registered with CIDB. From design, building, supply to installation, we take every steps like acrobats walking on tightrope. Regardless of what your demand may be, whether if it is:

  1. a weekly pool cleaning,
  2. a thorough chemical check,
  3. pool inspection,
  4. repair work,
  5. trading of all kind of pool equipment,
  6. renovation or even to
  7. build an entire new swimming pool,

all of us in Eureka Pools will serve up to your expectation—guarantee. We ratify our designs from our esteemed architects and we hire punctilious contractors in making a blueprint into a true paradise. What is left to worry is that can you have all seven days in a week spent with the pool?

In these 30 years of experience, Eureka Pools has built countless of swimming pools from residential, condominium, hotels to Olympic pools and maintained more than a hundred pools on regular basis. With that said, we have proven many times our excellency and dedication in providing apical leisure experience to our clients while sustaining the environment as best as we can.